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LouLou26 Olicity Arrow fanfic oliver x felicity
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Chapters of a Lifetime


So I updated my recent one shot because after talking to a friend, came up with the idea of having a bunch of little related one shots all featuring…the upside down kiss. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with it. But hey, there you go.

So this is another little one shot related to the events of Clarity so you might need to read that first. Clarity

Here is the second part.


“Oliver?” Felicity’s voice pulled him from his thoughts. He had no idea how long he had been sitting there at his desk, lost in his memories. “Didn’t you hear me? I called your name three times.”

“Hey, sorry I was just…thinking.” he replied softly, standing up to meet her as she walked over to him. Without another word, he lowered his head and captured her mouth in a searing kiss. It still amazed him, three months into their relationship, that her kiss could affect him so much. Much like the one they’d shared in the Foundry after their first training session, it never failed to astound him. How he could love her so much and not be able to pinpoint when it was that he’d fallen so hard.

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“Oliver believes he can finally have a private life and asks Felicity out on a date.”

asks Felicity out on a date







Final Farewell to the Eleventh Doctor’s Era: Countdown of My 25 Favorite Episodes. Number 14 - Vincent and the Doctor

It has always seemed to me that this episode should be called Vincent and Amy because they both go through a journey of self discovery with the Doctor as their tour guide.

This is a gorgeous episode featuring Vincent’s artwork, lovely scenery, and even Amy in a perfect blue coat and red scarf combination that looks fantastic as she moves through the episode. But underneath the beautiful exterior is a story of mental torment.

Amy is sad, but Vincent is depressed. Depression is a complex mental illness and this episode presents that to us without judgement. Amy, showing one of the ways she’s still so young and innocent, truly believes she can save Vincent from himself, but the Doctor knows it won’t be that easy.

Interestingly, Vincent senses in Amy (who has just lost Rory) the sadness and inner turmoil he feels in himself. Amy was confused and lost before Rory died, but without him, Amy is missing the most important person in her life and she doesn’t even realize it. Rory meant the world to Amy and not just because he was her boyfriend, but because he was the person who was there for her throughout everything and truly loved her unconditionally.

Rory was Amy’s family in all the ways that really matter. That unconditional love is a role a person’s family should play, but Amy’s never did. Amy’s aunt insisted she was insane and grew increasingly frustrated with her which left Amy feeling even more alone than she already did growing up in a strange village without parents, but Amy always had Rory. Now that she doesn’t remember Rory, you have to wonder about the ramifications that had on her view of her entire life.

Amy wasn’t really ok even when she had Rory - she still spent her whole life as an emotionally distant outsider who was deemed insane by her family - but she doesn’t suffer from the kind of clinical depression that Vincent does. Amy is the type of person who picks herself up and fights back when she’s kicked. Life has kicked her so many times and she’s still fighting, so she simply doesn’t understand his depression. In many ways she relates to him and he to her, but in this one, she naively thinks he can pick himself up the same way she can.

The bond between these two, Vincent’s characterization, and ultimately, Amy’s failure to save him from himself is what makes this episode so special. In the end he dies, but as the Doctor says, “the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant.”  Even though they couldn’t save him, they did make him happy while they were there and that matters so much. They couldn’t save Vincent, but for a moment in time, they made him happy and left him with memories he would never forget.


You said you’d find my baby. You said you’d find Melody. Have you found her? Because you promised. [x]

WHY?! Why would you make something like this *cries*

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I WANT THIS spoiler olicity oliver x felicity arrow
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thoughts on the spoiler as my heart races and hands shake (and not just from the cold)

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LouLou26 fanfic Olicity oliver x felicity arrow
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The last thing Felicity Smoak had expected when Oliver Queen had told her he was taking over her training was this. Standing in the Foundry, a stick in each hand, she faced a shirtless Oliver. And he was grinning.

"So…what exactly am I supposed to do with these?" She looked down at the items in her hands. Of course, she’d seen Diggle and Oliver sparring with them, but they always moved so fast she could never keep her eyes on them.

"We’re stepping up your training now. You know what to do to defend yourself, Diggle has already taught you all you need to know on that front, but I want to make sure that you’re prepared if it comes to a real fight." His tone was neutral, but the expression on his face was anything but. "One with weapons."

She knew he hated the idea of her having to fight, and truth be told, so did she. But this was necessary. She was going out into the field a lot more now and in doing so, she exposed herself to all sorts of nasty people. If Oliver couldn’t stop her, and oh boy did he try, than she needed to know what to do if anything happened.

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The look on his face when he asks her this shows he already knows her answer.

She looks straight at him and tells him not to travel alone, but before he can respond, he looks up and to the side, blinking, and opening his mouth like he’s almost going to speak before he finally just asks her to travel with him. When he does, he looks abruptly down failing to force a smile rather than looking her in the eye because he knows she’s going to return to her life eventually like she always does. And, as he discovered at the beginning of the episode, she’s older than the last time he saw her and he doesn’t know how much longer she has left.

When he looks down after speaking, you can see how much he just opened up by asking her that. He’s not just asking her to come on fun adventures and he doesn’t want to go out and find new friends to replace Amy and Rory.

He can’t look her in the eye because he’s putting himself in a vulnerable position by asking her, specifically and only her, to travel with him.

He first asked her to travel with him a very long time ago and she’s never taken him up on it, but this time she’s all he has left and she means more to him now than she did then. If she says no to traveling with him, it’s going to hurt so much more. This is it. Once she’s gone to the Library, he falls hard.

^ugh me, all of this.

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funny but sad oh Donna donna noble miss her Doctor Who
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donna noble + missing the big picture

Why can’t I write faster?

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peter dinklage lol tumblr i love him
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Tomorrow is the day I-

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everlong my dw otp dw
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River & the Doctor + Kisses

River: Then you may kiss the bride.

The Doctor: I’ll make it a good one.

River: You better

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