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I wonder if the brain’s damaged?

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I can imagine River and the Doctor having had this discussion before. About him and stupidly doing things to risk his life, cause he does (so does she, especially when she was younger but still you know). And so here he is having no idea that he is, for her, repeating an age old argument. That her “I hate you” is actually “i love you” or the fact that she has quite successfully killed him, or that he should have seen that punch coming. 

Gah my babies.

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Tell me one thing. All those facts and figures I saw of The Doctor’s life, you were never alone. All those bright and shining companions. But, not anymore? No.

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"You said no family. But there must be people who love you. Friends."
"No. Well, yes. But it’s a long story."

The TARDIS Team (23 November, 1963—23 November, 2013)

"doctor who is a really serious show"

It’s a serious show and it’s also this. Ridiculous. 

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'that scene from “hide” where the doctor's in this misty forest and he's all panicky' - requested by saintcrowley

I love this moment. It always strikes a cord with me when the Doctor gets properly scared. 


After River opened the doors - to the amazement of the Doctor - she commented to him, “Now pull yourself together - you’re embarrassing me.”

River then slapped the Doctor across the face, but her hand just passed through him, and she was left ruminating, “Well that’s not as much fun as it used to be.”

As she strode off, the Doctor put his hand to his cheek.

- Edited scene from The Name of the Doctor, DWM guide to the 2013 series

T H E  U N I C O R N  A N D  T H E  W A S P

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Make me choose: forsakensammy asked - Jack Harkness or Donna Noble?


Happy Ninth Birthday to (New)Doctor Who! 

I may be a teeny tiny bit terrified.

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favorite scene per episode: season four

1.09 - forest of the dead

you know I felt sad the very first time i watched this even though we had never seen her before. We had nothing to put really any of it in context, yet I thought of Rose and Donna and Sarah Jane and any of the companions and the adventures they have and how they all see him as THEIR DOCTOR. the one they know (or several) and each experience is different and special (or should be) So here is this woman who calls him sweetie, states that she trusts him with her life, and looks so heart broken when he doesn’t know her, how they bicker like husband and wife.

I suspected right off that she was a love in his future. Companion didn’t really work for me but someone important. And this scene just sealed that. The way her voice wavers, the look in her eyes and after the doctor comes in and says that he is the Doctor, she responds with - Yeah Some day. 

And she looks down because she can’t look at him. He really isn’t HER Doctor yet and it hurts. 

Now when i watch this scene all of that is amplified. It makes a beautiful heart breaking sense that crushes me at times because now I truly understand what she was feeling, how painful it was for her to experience all of it. Her worst nightmare, the one she knew was coming, had finally arrived. She couldn’t run from it, could only get through it.

I sometimes wonder what she thought she’d do when they got out of there. Run to her Doctor and get comfort? I’d imagine so. Only it’s all worse than that in the end.

Not really sure what all this is..