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Happy Ninth Birthday to (New)Doctor Who! 

I may be a teeny tiny bit terrified.

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favorite scene per episode: season four

1.09 - forest of the dead

you know I felt sad the very first time i watched this even though we had never seen her before. We had nothing to put really any of it in context, yet I thought of Rose and Donna and Sarah Jane and any of the companions and the adventures they have and how they all see him as THEIR DOCTOR. the one they know (or several) and each experience is different and special (or should be) So here is this woman who calls him sweetie, states that she trusts him with her life, and looks so heart broken when he doesn’t know her, how they bicker like husband and wife.

I suspected right off that she was a love in his future. Companion didn’t really work for me but someone important. And this scene just sealed that. The way her voice wavers, the look in her eyes and after the doctor comes in and says that he is the Doctor, she responds with - Yeah Some day. 

And she looks down because she can’t look at him. He really isn’t HER Doctor yet and it hurts. 

Now when i watch this scene all of that is amplified. It makes a beautiful heart breaking sense that crushes me at times because now I truly understand what she was feeling, how painful it was for her to experience all of it. Her worst nightmare, the one she knew was coming, had finally arrived. She couldn’t run from it, could only get through it.

I sometimes wonder what she thought she’d do when they got out of there. Run to her Doctor and get comfort? I’d imagine so. Only it’s all worse than that in the end.

Not really sure what all this is..

"let me uncover the silver in your dark hair
the weight of your bones
I want to witness the beauty of your repair
the shape you have grown…”

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Who’s your first Doctor? Nine.

I can feel it. The turn of the Earth. The ground beneath our feet is spinning at 1,000 miles an hour and the entire planet is hurtling around the sun at 67,000 miles an hour. And I can feel it: we’re falling through space, you and me, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world, and if we let go…  That’s who I am.

Not my that was technically 7. but he was the one who made me love Who and not just like it. It was because of him i went back and watched more of the Classic series and become a totally obsessed dork. 

hahaha i love this bit between Amy and the Doctor. 

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Just watched this up (again) last night (watched it twice last week, don’t ask me why) and this is probably my fav bit of that food scene, which i just love. Because its the Doctor throwing out bread and butter and telling it to stay out, as if it could pull itself to the house and sneak back in. His face too, his rightfully like “JUST DON”T F-ing COME BACK” LOL , I seriously love the crazy of the Doctor after a regeneration. 

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Story Arcs of Doctor Who

"This is the first genuinely, completely Happy Ending of the season finales -first series the Doctor regenerates, everyone on the station dies except Jack who now has to live forever after just being abandoned, second series he loses Rose to another dimension, third series he’s the last of his kind again and Martha leaves him probably with a horrible case of Post Traumatic Stress, fourth season the fate of Donna. Specials? He gets told he’s going to die, goes crazy, and finally regenerates. But now we have a wedding, a celebration, silly dancing, the Doctor saved via telling a story, and a death count into the minuses. Repeat, the minuses— people survive this story who were already dead when it started. Only Steven Moffat could pull that off in a Doctor Who finale. Hats off to the man."

TVTropes Heartwarming

(This is going on my list of things to use to remind people why Steven Moffat DOESN’T suck)

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When I first met the Doctor—a long long time ago—he knew all about me. Think about that. Impressionable young girl and suddenly this man just drops out of the sky. He’s clever and mad and wonderful and… and knows every last thing about her. Imagine what that does to a girl.

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Am I the only one who finds it sexy when he punches? please tell me I’m not .

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"So what’s he like? In the future, I mean. Because you know him in the future, don’t you?" - "The Doctor? Well, the Doctor is the Doctor…

Essentially he is a loved man with the seeming power of a God (all he’s done, age, effect on others) who’s good, mad, wonderful, clever , desiring of peace who is capable of causing others to be afraid and is also an incredibly nostalgic idiot with a face of a 12 yr old.

No one can accuse him of being boring or simple.